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Trekking in India
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Trekking in India

The vast territory of India offers varieties of trek being graded from soft to strenuous and short to long; most are done in Ladakh. The Ladakh, an awesome landscape of high-altitude desert, awards plentiful treks to choose depending on interest, budget, time and physical condition.

A trek in Ladakh traverses through picturesque villages, shrines and sacred sites, preserved forests and national parks, deep valleys and ravines, glacial lakes, mountain ridges, high passes and deserts in high elevation.

We organize some treks in Ladakh on regular basis, which are given below.

Darcha - Padum Trek in Ladakh

Darcha - Padum Trek in Zangskar Valley of Ladakh: Zangskar valley lies to the south west of Leh, the capital city of Ladakh, and surrounded by the Himalayan and Zangskar ranges. It is the most isolated of all the Trans-Himalayan valleys in Ladakh. Zangskar comprises two main valleys of Stod (Doda Chu) and Lunakh (Tsarab chu)...more>>

Zangskar Valley Trek in Ladakh

Zangskar Valley Trek is the most challenging one in Ladakh. Towards the western end of the Himalayas a series of continuous mountain ridges comprising scores of 6000 metre peaks form an effective barrier between the Indian provinces of Lahaul and Ladakh. Linking these contrasting mountainous regions is a trekking route that provides challeng...more>>

Nubra Valley Trek

Nubra is a tributary of Shyok River which flows parallel to the Indus on the northern side of the Ladakh range. Because of its lower altitude, the valley has a mild climate and is therefore richer in vegetation. It is often referred as the 'Orchard of Ladakh'. In ancient times, the valley was part of the Caravan Route, today it offers matchl...more>>

Chiling - Hemis Trek in Ladakh

The Chiling - Hemis Trek in Markha valley of Ladakh is the most popular trip in India. The package comprises an extensive guided tour in Delhi together with adventurous journey in Ladakh offering depth knowledge on the history and cultures of India and its physical character. The trek goes through picturesque human settlements, river valleys,...more>>

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